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Iraq war machines roll into MCLB

October 27, 2003

Dougherty County -- Equipment used in the war in Iraq is back in Albany. Vehicles used in bringing down Saddam Hussein's regime are now arriving at the Albany Marine Base for repair.

Trucks carrying M.K. 48 Power units pull into the storage yards of the Maintenance Center at the Albany Marine base. These vehicles were used in Iraq to move ammo, food, water, or fuel trailers during the war. They were loaded on ships in Kuwait, unloaded on these trucks Friday at North Charleston's docks, and pulled into Albany Monday morning.

Maintenance Center Commander Colonel Peter Underwood said "Expect to see a lot more coming in over the next few months. This is going to keep our plate full as we try to get this stuff as quickly as possible back into working condition, so we can get it back in the hands of the Marines out in the fleet."

Not surprisingly, much of the equipment is damaged. Now the Maintenance Center will decide what can be repaired and put back into service. Colonel B.G. Lee said "Determine what is repairable. Determine what needs to be coded out, in other words taken out of service. We'll take those pieces of equipment that can be repaired, repair, rebuild, and return to the operating forces as soon as possible."

Even though the war is over, the Marine Base workers will get this equipment back in working order as soon as possible. The call for it could come at anytime. Colonel Lee said "The Marine Corps is always the 9-1-1 force. We always want to be ready to go whenever our nation needs us."

Twenty vehicles arrived by truck from Charleston to Albany Monday, and at least 20 more are en route. War equipment used to free Iraq is now in Albany, where workers will soon have it ready if needed again.

The Maintenance Center has added 45 workers since the equipment starting rolling into the Base. As the workload increases, so will the call for more employees.

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