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Woman donates kidney to sister

October 25, 2003

Fitzgerald- Rosalyn and LaShanda are only a year apart, but it took a while before these sisters became good friends.

"We call each other all the time and it's long distance. We call each other all the time and just talk about each other's problems or whatever we just have a good relationship," says LaShanda Pittman.

The last four years have been a struggle for Rosalyn. After the pregnancy of her twins, her doctor uncovered a rare kidney disease.

"He called it a minimal chain disease. It's mostly common in babies, so it's a very rare disease that you would see mostly in babies and older people," explains Rosalyn Pittman Barker.

The family has pulled together and is raising money for Rosalyn's transplant, after years on the donor list she's found the perfect match.

"At first I was scared I didn't want to do it, but after I thought about it for a while I knew that if it was me she would do it for me, so I said I could do it for her," admits LaShanda.

"The doctor was saying it was unbelievable how compatible we were because siblings usually aren't that compatible. If I was her in the situation that I'm in I would do it for her, and I love her to death for that," Rosalyn says.

Now the two will be closer than ever as they share the gift of life. The Pittman sisters will undergo the transplant surgery on November 19, in Gainesville, Florida.

The family is still raising money for Rosalyn's treatment after the surgery. Medicine is expected to cost $3,000.00 a month. If you would like to make donations contact Helen Walker at (229) 423-2162, Cornelia Pittman at (229) 423-5907, or Andresa Duncan at (229) 423-4780.

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