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Arrest made in bank robbery

October 24, 2003

Meigs - Remember the Bank of Meigs robbery? Two men burst into the bank after calling in a decoy wreck on the edge of town? Well, The Thomas County Sheriff's Department says they have arrested one of the men who robbed the Bank.

It's Business as usual at the Bank of Meigs today. Customers come and go, with a little more security than they had a few months ago. Captain John Richards says, "It was a slow moving investigation. It was done thoroughly and we feel pretty good on what we got now on him. It's going to get better as the investigation goes on and hopefully, we'll get the rest of them."

Investigators have arrested 23-year old Charles Veshon Rice of Atlanta, for robbing the bank at gunpoint back in July. Meigs Police Chief Jimmy Layton says he saw Rice early that morning, but didn't recognize him. "If I don't know you," says Layton. "I'm going to strike up a conversation with you and see what's going on."

Captain Richards says, "We don't like to have any crime go unsolved in Thomas County, especially major crime like robbery. So, right now, we feel pretty good."

And with information continuing to come in on the other people involved in the robbery, it appears they may find the other robbers soon.

If you have any information concerning this crime, you are asked to contact the Thomas County Sheriff's Department at 229-225-3300. Reward money is available if your information leads to an arrest and conviction.

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