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Laws to protect yourself in your home

October 23, 2003
Albany- No one likes to think about their home being burglarized.
Especially if you're inside. But there are things you can do to protect yourself.

"Obviously the best thing is for people to have burglar alarms and that sort of thing," said Dougherty County District Attorney Ken Hodges.

Many security systems monitor homes 24 hours a day. And it never hurts to have a dog, of any size. But if you do catch someone in your house, you can't use deadly force to protect your property .

"If you flip on your light and see somebody in your house and they turn to run the other way, you can't shoot them in the back or something like that," Hodges said.

The law does allows people to have a concealed gun in their home or business.

"Anyone, other than a convicted felon can have a gun in their home. They don't have to have a permit for it or anything. Doesn't matter if it's a shotgun, rifle or a handgun."

To carry a gun outside your home, you must have a permit. Even with a permit, there are some places you can never have a weapon, like government buildings, schools and places that serve alcohol.

But with or without security systems and weapons, if someone tries to hurt you, then the law is there to protect you.

"If someone comes in your house and you find yourself confronted with them, you can use deadly force to defend yourself," Hodges.

It's a right that lets you protect yourself and your family.

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