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More Albany voting maps in the Works

October 22, 2003

Albany - City leaders and the ACLU aren't satisfied with a new voting map proposed Tuesday by a mayoral candidate. Attorneys for candidate Dr. Willie Adams submitted a map to the federal court.

The map was drawn up by the Georgia Legislative Reapportionment Office, and it shifts the population of black voters. All, but Ward 5, would be predominately black districts. But the ACLU, who represents the plaintiffs who sued the city for using old district lines that dilute minority voting strength, say they plan to work with city commissioners and come up with another map.

"Whatever plan is adopted will be in place for a long time, so I think we must be very careful to make sure neighborhoods are protected and people's right to vote is protected," said Mayor Tommy Coleman.

ACLU attorneys say they plan to submit a new map to the federal court on Monday. Federal Judge Louis Sands will make the final decision on the map and on the date for the election.

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