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Young at Heart receive Flu Vaccine

October 21, 2003

Thomasville - 84-year old Edith Gibson is young at heart, but she knows that being young at heart won't protect her from the flu.

She says, "Well, I've had the flu one time and that is bad and since I've been taking the shots I haven't had the flu." So today she rolled up her sleeve and flinched a little, as she received the flu vaccine once again.

Volunteer Emily Milton says having the Health Department give the shots at Thomasville's First Baptist Church, saves the senior adults a trip. "Most of the time senior adults don't like getting out," says Milton. "This lets them take care of two things with one trip."

Gibson says there's nothing to it, and everyone should get vaccinated. She says, "I would encourage them to come and get one, and from the looks of it today, I think a lot of them are."

And hopefully they will all remain flu-free. If you haven't had your flu vaccine yet, you can get the shot at the Health Department. Now is the best time to protect yourself against the disease.

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