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An unusual mix

October 20, 2003

Albany-- They come from all over. Bermuda, Utah, Dublin, Ireland and even Dublin, Georgia. "I didn't even know there was a Dublin in America. I was amazed," freshman Emma Cuddy said laughing.

But more importantly head coach Ken Veiland's Lady Cavaliers have come together to form one of the best soccer teams in the state. "These girls came together very well as a group personality wise. And they've worked hard all season, they've done a great job," Veilands said.

The Lady Cavs are a unique mix of different backgrounds, cultures and accents. But it's their love for the game of soccer or in some cases football, that has them clicking as one.

"Coming from their perspective, coming from a whole other country has to be hard but when you come out here to play soccer you meet new people and you just develop friendships on the field," freshman Donna Evans said. "Once you're playing soccer you forget everything else. And my teammates are very good. If you're feeling homesick they're there to help you out," Cuddy added.

And not only do they share a passion for the sport, but also for winning. And with the conference tournament beginning Tuesday, the Lady Cavs feel confident about their chances of taking home a championship.

"I think we're in good position to do well. I think our first round game we're set up, we set ourselves up well, and I think the girls are really motivated for that," Veilands said.

An attainable goal for a group of young women that have already accomplished so much.

Darton will host South Georgia College in the first round of Tuesday's conference tournament. Game time is set for 4pm.

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