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Workshops giving parents ideas to help students study

October 20, 2003
Albany- Parents of Sylvester Road Elementary students want to help their children be better at studying. Nat So they're taking in tips from school faculty.

"We want to emphasize to them the importance of them helping us to help their child at home," said Norma Heath, the parent coordinator at Sylvester Road.

And they're providing parents with the strategies to do that. Their children are already getting extra tutoring after school and many parents can see a difference.

"It gives them the ability to feel proud about themselves," said Sharice Watson, a parent at the school. "It makes them feel that they accomplished something they couldn't accomplish a month ago or the previous year."

But parents know extra help doesn't need to stop when their children leave school. These workshops are meant to give them more ideas on studying techniques.

"So you can know exactly what you need to help that child with in their weak areas," said Myra Collins, another parent at the school.

The trick, these teachers say, is making everything a learning experience.

"Each and every day, if homework is not assigned, review. Review is also considered homework," said Maret Lewis, the school's counselor.

Because the more comfortable students are with what they already know, the more confident they'll be about learning in the future.

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