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Police crack down on speeders

October 19, 2003

Albany- The Albany police traffic department usually has Sundays off, but today they were busy catching speeders.

More than half a dozen officers spent the day patrolling the Liberty Expressway where the speed limit is 65, but most drivers average close to 80 miles per hour.

In just four hours, officers wrote 51 tickets and made one arrest for a suspended license. Police want to reduceAlbany's growing number of traffic-related fatalities.

"We've got a high volume of traffic up here and we're dealing with a high speed up here also. Speed kills and we're trying to get the people's attention and trying to get them to slow down and pay attention to their driving," says Cpl. Andrew Hayslip.

15 people have died on Dougherty County roads this year. Last year, ten people died in traffic crashes and there were nine fatalities in 2001.

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