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Bike racers tear up drag strip

October 19, 2003

Dougherty County- When these racers say eat my dust, they really mean it. Hundreds of motorcycle racers tore up the U.S. 19 drag strip during the final Southeastern Motorcycle Drag Racing Association race of the season.

"We're got over 250 racers all the way from Mississippi, Ohio, Kentucky, a lot from Florida, of course a lot from Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina. We just get them to come from all over," says SEMDRA official, Jackie Bryce.

And once they get here there's only one thing on their minds - speed.

"The fastest bikes here go from zero to 165 miles per hour in just four seconds," adds Bryce.

Even at those speeds riders say they have no fear, at least when it comes to motorcycles.

"I'm more scared of cars than motorcycles. Cars if you're in an accident you're stuck in. Being on the outside you've got the free will to turn how you want to turn if you do fall. I don't like being caved in," laughs top qualifier, James "Coo-dee" Thomas.

You may have to be tough to rip down the drag strip, but bike racing isn't just for big boys anymore.

"We started testing at the track and then I said I want my own and I'm going to beat up on these boys, so that's what happened," says Angie McBride.

McBride rules the outlaw street class. She strives not only to lead in her division, but also lead young girls to the sport.

"I encourage them fully to get on a bike, get in a dragster, drive it, go as fast as they can. Get your family involved, get your parents to come to the track, and get everybody to be supportive, and you can achieve what you want to," says McBride.

And for these bikers achievement is always defined by speed.

During the race, both Thomas and McBride broke their engines. Points have not been tallied yet in Thomas's class, but McBride has been named the champion in the outlaw street class. She is the first female to obtain win the award.

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