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Sisters win Teacher of the Year

October 17, 2003

Mitchell County - They teach at the same school and they were named Mitchell County Teachers of the Year in back to back years. So, what's their secret to success? They say it's teamwork excitement in the classroom and music.

Karen Murray has her kids jumping for education. She says, "We sing, we dance. I do anything I can to keep them interested."

Murray was named Mitchell County Teacher of the Year. She teaches kindergarten kids at Mitchell County Primary School. She adds, "It starts here. This is their foundation. I try to make it fun and meaningful give them what they need to be successful in the future."

Her colleague, Donna Johnson, was last year's system wide winner. They have a lot in common, including classical music in the classroom. Johnson says, "It's suppose to relax the children and calm them down."

Murray and Johnson's kindergarten classrooms are right next to each other and they are sisters too. Murray says, "Even though we're in separate classrooms, we team teach to make it fun for our students."

The sisters were inspired to teach by a former Mitchell County teacher, Marvene Bradley, who is also their mother.

The sisters do everything together. They went to undergraduate and graduate school together. They also got their specialist degreeS at the same school and at the same time.

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