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South Georgians helping rebuild homes for those in need

October 17, 2003

Albany -- South Georgians are working to help a family in need rebuild their home, and make their life easier by giving them a better place to live.

Members of Byne Memorial Baptist Church started re-roofing the home of George and Carol Youngblood. Carol said "We have to keep the water turned off because of the leaking. It's been pretty bad." George said "If there was anyway I could do anything, I would."

George Youngblood is disabled, and could not afford to fix the problems in their home. The roof and plumbing leaks, which has caused the floors to rot.They have to be careful where they step, so they don't fall through. The water heater does not work, so they have to heat their water on the stove to bath. The heater looks like it has not worked in years.

Byne Minister Hal Pinson said "It's really heartbreaking to know that people are having to live in these kind of conditions. We're glad we can help and make a difference in their lives."

But Rebuilding Together with Christmas in April is helping the Youngbloods. Lamar Parker's group will rebuild their home with volunteers and donated building products. Parker said "They worked all their life to build their home. They've settled in, and outlived their savings. Just nobody else to help."

Rebuilding Together has repaired Albany and Lee County homes for 5 years. They hope to rebuild 21 this year. For the volunteers, it's a lot of hard work, but for good rewards. Parker said "It's for people who have been blessed, hoping to give blessing to other people because of that."

Rebuilding Together will fix the Youngblood's roof this weekend, and get them a new water heater soon. By November they hope to repair their floors, fix their plumbing, put in an entire new kitchen. Update the house's lighting, and paint inside and out.

A big job, but one that's needed in many Albany homes. Scott Satterfield said "You can't help them all, but we just try to help those that we can."

The Youngblood's home is the 100th house that Rebuilding Together will rebuild.

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