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War veterans reunite at Moody

October 17, 2003

Lowndes County - The Air Force's 479th Flying Training Group is celebrating 60 years of success at Moody Air Force Base. More than 30 war veterans from all over the county are joining Moody's unit to compare flying today with that six decades ago.

"It's really impressive, their training and the equipment is much more advanced," said Brig. Gen. Kyle Riddle. "Times have really changed."

Brigadier General Kyle Riddle served as the group's first war-time commander, and says he's proud of today's military. "This unit here at Moody has received some very high ratings in the training command, and I'm glad they're carrying on a good tradition."

The veterans got an up close look at the unit's modern day technology, and some even went up for a flight in the T-38 jet. "It was a lot of fun, great to be back in the sky again," said Brig. Gen. Robin Olds.

Although the training and equipment may be more advanced, the mission hasn't changed. And despite the 60 year difference, the veterans and today's military share a common thread. "The people are the same, proud Americans doing their job and risking their lives for the United States," said Olds.

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