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Warning about skin infection in schools

October 16, 2003

Albany-- A warning tonight about a skin-infection emerging in high school athletes. It's an drug-resistant strain of staph infection. The infection can show up as a sore or boil, with fever, pus, swelling or pain. While health officials say it's not in Georgia schools, there are preventive measures your child can take.

While these Albany High Football Players are getting ready for Friday night football, the Dougherty County Athletic Director is learning about a skin infection plaguing athletes in five states. "This is good news for us because it gives us a chance to get on top of it. We made phone calls this morning to get us some information to see if there's anything we are not doing that we need to do to make sure our athletes our protected."

Johnny Seabrooks says his athletes are taught to use good hygiene--the best defense against staph aureus. Dan Staib with District Health says, "That's always the public health message, wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands."

Washing your hands frequently is the best prevention against staph aureus, a very common bacteria many people probably carry and don't know it, "I mean staph aureus is the same infectious material one finds in pimples so it's something we need to exercise good personal hygiene, hand washing, primarily." Especially when you come in bodily contact with other people--like on the football field.

The National Federation of State High School Associations issued a warning about the antibiotic-resistant staph infection this week. State Health Spokesman Richard Quartarone says he is not aware of any problems with staph aureus infection in Georgia schools.

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