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Gaining ground

October 14, 2003

Albany--As schools Sherwood Christian Academy and Deerfield-Windsor may be close in proximity, but as football programs they're light years apart. That is until this year.

"We've been able to do some good things here due in part to a group of outstanding young men working extremely hard that began back in the weight room in the winter," Sherwood head coach Jimmy Fields said.

With a 5 and 2 record, Jimmy Fields has the Eagles off to their best start ever. And for the first time in a long time Sherwood won't enter Friday's region opener against their rivals Deerfield-Windsor with more losses than wins.

"We really want to go into the region starting off well, so this is a big game for us," senior Jesse Thompson said.

The Knights on the other hand are riding a two game skid. And more than anything a win over the Eagles would boost their confidence and get them pointed back in the right direction.

"We've gone out the last two weeks and we've gotten our egos bruised and it's time for us to bounce back and see if we can make something happen. This Friday night against Sherwood is going to be another tough test and we jut got to be up for it," Deerfield coach Allen Lowe said.

"We're not looking at the past, you know usually we beat them every year. We're looking at this year and we're just trying to prepare for a good time this year," senior Wyatt Mitchell said.

But there's no question that the rivalry between these two schools is taking on more meaning this year, not only because of the Eagles success but also since it's the last time Fields, who once was at the helm of the Knights program, will face a team with players that he coached.

"My grade is the only grade on the team this year that's been coached under him so we have about five seniors on the team that he coached and it really means a lot to us to play him," senior Beau Turpin said.

And Fields can only hope that for the first time in five years the Eagles are the ones walking away with a win. And if that's the case, maybe the two schools aren't that far apart after all.

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