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Some board members favor letting go of Home Drive

October 14, 2003
Dougherty County- A day after the Dougherty County School Board backed away from a proposed site for a new school, one board member says it may be time to cut losses and move on to a new site.

Controversy surrounding this property on Home Drive has been going on for almost five years. The board is backing away from last month's decision to use the property despite complaints from neighbors.

Board members who have been against building on Home Drive from the beginning say other members have good intentions for wanting to use the property.

"I don't think they want to be perceived as loosing money from the purchase if this property," said board member Richard Anson. "But it's my position and at least one other board member's position that maybe we should just cut our losses and move on to a more desirable site."

The school board will hear reports on three pieces of property, including Home Drive, in about two months.

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