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Sunbelt Ag EXPO opens

October 14, 2003

Moultrie-- The largest Agriculture exposition in the country opened its gates to visitors Tuesday.

Not only did agriculture loving tourists stop by, so did the governor. He made an announcement that's expected to make agri-business in georgia better.

EXPO brings out all ages and some nover leave. Kathy Bundy's family moved from North Georgia to South Georgia, "Believe it or not, because of the EXPO," she says.

 Bundy teaches Family Consumer Science at Dougherty High, and stopped by the mobile dairy classroom. "With the budget crunch, you need all the help you can get, and my children need to know about milk and everything else."

Governor Sonny Perdue also stopped by EXPO. "I am creating the office of the Governor's Agricultural Liaison," he told the crowd.

Former EXPO Farmer of the Year, Donnie Smith will be the direct link between the Governor's Office and the Georgia farmer. "It'll be our eyes and ears finding out how we can increase our economic development in agriculture. We've got a lot of assetts and strengths in Georgia, and I'm looking to them to generate ideas about what we can be doing better," Governor Perdue said.

Farmers have to keep up with the times, and the Midtech Field Pilot is a hands-free tractor on cruise-control. "If the operator gets distracted, the system beeps when it gets close to the end of the row," said Mid-Tech's Rich Gould. The machine relies on GPS satellite telemetry.

This year's Farmer of the Year is Charles Parkerson of Virginia.

The expo continues Wednesday morning at 8:30 and ends on Thursday. About 200,00 people visit the EXPO every day.

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