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Waste water leak causes little damage

October 14, 2003

Albany -- Untreated wastewater overflowed an Albany storm drain causing sewers to back up in two homes and then run into the Cromartie Beach Reservoir.

 A blockage in the sewer main on Westcliff Court caused the backup, which caused the sewer taps to overflow in two homes on Greenbrier Terrace. About 40 gallons of untreated wastewater ran into the reservoir close by. City workers removed the grease blocking the sewer main, and the Environmental Protection Division was contacted about the small spill.

 Sewer Superintendent Ann Zimmer-Shepherd said "This particular area where we had the problem yesterday was just a regular sewer event that we have happen three or four times a day in locations where the line, the main gets blocked. The clean out would overflow. It's something that we have 24 hour technicians that respond to these events."

People who live on Greenbrier Terrace say they often have problems with sewer taps overflowing.

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