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Valdosta Tech tells students thank you

October 14, 2003

Valdosta - Staff members at Valdosta Tech are serving up a tasty lunch for their students. ""We've got KFC, a picnic, and all kinds of fun stuff," said Angela Crance, Event Organizer.

They're giving out free food, drinks, frisbees, and coupons for more free stuff. "This is great, it's so good that they're letting us get out of the classroom and do something out of the ordinary," said Janise Davis, Student. "We all need a reward sometimes."

It's part of a week long effort to tell students how much they're appreciated. "Our students are the reason we're here, so we just want to say thank you and we're glad they're here making an effort to get an education," said Crance.

And the college has good reason to be thankful for its students. They've earned them an outstanding reputation in the workforce. "We've got about 10,000 students and about 96 percent of those receive employment after graduation, so they're really making a name for us," said Crance.

But the fun doesn't stop today. All week long students will be treated to out of the ordinary events. "We're having a motivational speaker for them tomorrow, another picnic and talent show Thursday, and it all ends Saturday with our Harvest Ed celebration," said Crance.

The college hopes events like this will keep their students motivated, and encourage others to follow their lead.

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