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School Board backs off Home Drive site

October 14, 2003

Albany- Angry Dougherty County neighbors waited for more than an hour for the School Board to emerge from an executive session.

They came ready to fight against a school on Home Drive. But the board decided behind closed doors to look at two more sites. "The dissension in the community led me to the conclusion that it's not a done deal," said board member Willie Weaver.

This controversy has dragged on for four years. The School Board bought the land on Home Drive in 1999. Neighbors went to court to fight that location. They lost, but growing opposition has so far kept the school from being built.

One of the sites has been considered before. It's off Gillionville Road, near Lockett Station Road. The other is 52 acres across from the YMCA Sports Park. The land, like the Home Drive land, will need improvements that will cost the school system some money. There's no sewer system and the only one way to get to the property is off the two lane section of Gillionville. The board will hear reports on all three sites in 60 days and will then try to make a decision.

But opponents of the Home Drive site took the chance to make their voices heard anyway. "We would like to remain peaceful because there is a lot of serenity there," said Dinorah Hall, who was asked to speak on behalf of the neighborhood.

 They say sites like this one would be better suited for the new northwest elementary school.

Apparently some board members think so too. "There are some members who think that the deal should not have been signed in the first place," Weaver said. So once again, the school board will go on the search for the future home of Dougherty County education.

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