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Doctors say head injuries should be taken seriously

October 13, 2003

Albany- Collision sports like football are often the most exciting to watch, but they can also be the most dangerous.

"We see a wide variety of injuries but certainly head injuries are something that we're seeing very commonly and it is a big concern."

Dr. Sean Bryan says concussions are the most common of all head injuries. He works with Albany State as well as five South Georgia high school football teams watching each hit intensely from the sidelines.

"There is an entity know as second impact syndrome, where usually in adolescence or younger, if they have even a minor head injury on top of a concussion it can be fatal," Bryan explains.

Earlier this year, Bryan talked to coaches about concussions and the use of ImPACT, a new computer-based neuropsychological testing program. Still, he says parents and coaches need to be aware of symptoms of a concussion.

"Memory problems, attention problems, confusion, nausea, those are some common signs. Then some more subtle ones that you may not recognize are changes in personality, irritability, fatigue any signs like that you really need to be concerned and have your child evaluated."

Doctors say rest along with appropriate medical treatment, and avoiding recurring trauma is the only way to fully recover from what could be a fatal head injury.

Dougherty County athletic trainers say beginning next year they will pre-test all football players before the season using the new computer-based screening program.

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