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Inmate escapes and is captured

October 13, 2003

Thomasville - Jimmy McMillan is an inmate at Decatur County Correctional Institute. This morning, he walked away from work detail. But now he's back behind bars, but he's not happy about it.

"He said he had some personal issue and he felt like he just needed to deal with them on his own," says Deputy Warden Elijah McCoy.

So around 8:00 AM Monday, he walked away from work detail. And, thanks to a man who spotted McMillan about a mile from the prison, he wasn't free for long.

McCoy says, "We alerted the local citizens and they did what they were supposed to do by notifying the authorities."

But how did he escape in the first place?

"At some point in time he got out of the guards site and pretty much walked away?" McCoy says, "Yes, walked away from a detail site."

But Deputy Warden McCoy says this is something they never want to happen again. He says, "It's not fun at all. It's our job to maintain these people inside and we'll do whatever it takes to get him back inside the fenced in area."

And now that he is back, hopefully he'll remain there. McMillan was in jail for probation violation, and is facing pending charges of aggravated battery. In addition to those charges, he will now also be charged with escaping.

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