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Postell campaign still on schedule

October 12, 2003

Albany- March is still five months off, but Tommie Postell isn't wasting any time reaching out to ward six.

"I'd like to bring some activities to the ward that would help stimulate the growth of ward six and the growth of Albany," he says.

Postell admits postponing the election will definitely effect his campaign.

"The process for fundraising would have to be re-generated back up, and by the time we regenerate it back up and stimulate the public that we are interested in this seat they're going to have to do a lot of thinking about it," explains Postell.

Still, his supporters say they'll stand behind the retired teacher, a man they believe will bring a divided ward back together again.

"I think he is the glue. I really believe that he is the person that will bring some cohesiveness to Ward six," says campaign co-chair, Sonjia Lewis.

"I just feel that if something were going wrong he would be there to help us correct it and just make things better," says Doris Meadows.

The election date may be changing, but Postell says his accessible, committed, responsive, and dedicated leadership will never change.

Tommie Postell will face incumbent candidate David Williams in the March election for Ward six.

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