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Andrew College turns 150

October 11, 2003

Cuthbert- Andrew college students lift their voices and exhibit their talents before a host of alumni and friends, creating another memory for the schools already rich history.

"This is the day that we launch and begin our 150th year. There are 118 colleges and universities and schools of advanced education in the state of Georgia, and there are only seven that are older than Andrew. So, we're really proud of what we've accomplished over the years," explains President David Palmer.

Many of those accomplishments are marked by the growing campus and student body.

"My old dorm is still here, but the new dorms, the new cafeteria, new science and computer center. Of course, we didn't have the internet when I was here, and it's exciting to see the new changes, but it's really heartwarming to be able to come back and still feel the campus as a place to come home," says Shaunn Alderman, a graduate of the class of 1981.

Even current students feel they are part of the Andrew college legacy.

"They really keep us involved and our school has so many events all the time to keep students involved, so I definitely feel a part of that," says sophomore, Ashley Wyatt.

A final balloon launch marked the end of the day's celebration and the beginning of the college's future.

Andrew college was founded in 1854. It's charter is the second oldest in the country offering degrees to women.

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