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Governor wants to help churches get state money

October 10, 2003
Albany- Rosemary Baughman runs Neighbors In Need for Saint Teresa's Catholic Church on a limited budget.

Like many charities, money is tight and donations are down.

"But it's not picking up as quickly as it has in the past," Baughman said.

Even with less money coming in, there are many people who still need help. Now, Governor Sonny Perdue wants to amend the state constitution to let organizations like Neighbors in Need and St. Claire's get state money.

"All of a sudden the government realized the churches are the people who've been doing this since day one," she said.

Perdue says these groups can do the job better and cheaper than the government. And they do it with a more personal touch.

"For people who are trying to treat people as brothers and sisters instead of tax dollars."

But regardless of whether they get state money in the future, as long as there are people who need help, Rosemary will find a way to save them.

Neighbors in Need and Saint Claire's can always use canned goods and monetary donations. They're located at the corner of Oakridge and Martin Luther King.

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