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Man digs a basement for 11 years

October 10, 2003

Pelham - How much would you do for your family? One southwest Georgia man rode a bike thousands of miles to visit his out-of-state kids.

When his kids complained about not having a playroom in the house, he started digging a basement. It's now 10 years later, and Lake Adams is still at it. His kids are grown and now his hand-made basement will turn into a storm shelter.

Adams walks down the hallway and says, "It's back here in the back room on right." Adams is always up for a challenge. He laughs, "I do strange things."

This challenge started in his Pelham home. He explains, "My son wanted me to make some room to put a pool table." He cut a hole in the bedroom floor and started digging and digging and digging, using a shovel and a conveyer belt.

He points to his dug out basement, "I've got about 60 percent of it done, but I'll keep digging until I get it finished."

The dirt travels on the conveyer belt from the basement to the back yard. Adam's started this project in 1992. He smiles and adds, "I could use a little help, but I couldn't pay for it."

The basement never made it as a pool room, now this 60-year-old has decided to use it as a storm shelter. He told his neighbors to come over when they want. He can fit 40 to 50 people inside, but no word yet on when the digging will cease.

Adams is a painter. As far as his bicycle trip out of state in 1976, he was going to see his kids in California, but ended up taking a bus once he made it to Texas. He rode his bike for two weeks.

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