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Miller County property taxes may be going up

October 9, 2003
Miller County- The value of Scott Lawson's Colquitt home shot up $16,000 when his property was reassessed.

"Once they did their assessment, it came to be $52,000," Lawson said. "That's a big jump from what it was."

A lot of taxpayers will be paying more after Miller County reassessed property for the first time in 10 years. The state told the county it had to reassess.

"Our property was selling higher than we actually had it valued at," said County Commission Chairman India Taylor. "So they required us to have a new revaluation."

Thursday night, homeowners got a chance to ask questions, and there are plenty of people looking for answers. There are 2,260 property tax payers in the county. More than 700 of those appealed their re-evaluations. That's about 30 percent.

But county leaders could help taxpayers by rolling back the millage rate next year.

"We certainly will make sure everyone's taxes are fair across the board," Taylor said.

In the meantime, property owners can continue to appeal and hopefully end up with a home value they feel good about.

"We've been here since '85," Lawson said. "We're gonna stay here. It's a good community."

Because even with more taxes, Miller County will always be their home.

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