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Mayoral candidate says supporters will pay

October 9, 2003

Albany - City of Albany Mayoral candidate Dr. Willie Adams tells a federal judge his supporters will pay for the difference it will take to continue the November mayor election.

The City of Albany, ACLU and Adam's attorney finished closing arguments Thursday in federal court. The city already agreed with ACLU to postpone elections until March because of old district lines, but Adams wants the mayor election to go on.

Election supervisor Carolyn Hatcher testified saying if an election is split it would be costly, time consuming and confusing, but not impossible.

Adams testified he's already spent $40,000 on his November campaign. Adams' supporters have offered to purchase a bond or security making cost not an issue to the city. Adams says, "Make sure the taxpayers don't have any additional expenses it would take to run this election."

Hatcher says it cost $37,000 to run an election. They've already spent $1800 on absentee ballots and ads.

Federal Court Judge Sands is expected to make a decision in a couple of business days.

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