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Deadly force: When to pull the trigger

October 9, 2003
by Scott Hunter

Albany-- Everyday police have to use their judgement to protect themselves and others. When they have to use deadly force, they must not only think quickly but responsibly.

Albany Police Sergeant Dave Noel uses a video to show his class the dangers they might face on the street. "The man in the video has a small .22 and he actually shoots this guy five times. He shoots the guy five times. The bad guy shoots this guy five times, and what we are seeing right now is that officer is dying."

Noel has been training officers for three years about how to use force properly.

He teaches officers how to consider all other options before firing a weapon. "We could use the PR 24, which is a very good impact weapon," says Noel.

Learning the rules of engagement is a vital to officers who take the oath to serve and protect. "We don't want to hurt anybody that not our job hurting anybody. If for some reason we have to hurt somebody we want to hurt them as little as possible."

The message Noel brings is personal. While working the streets he once had to use deadly force. "I hated that I have to take somebody's life it not something you just want to do."

"When you encounter someone where deadly force is need used against it the training that you go threw that in turn sets up for success their is not of time to think you have to react."

And he hopes that new and old officers will leave his classroom with greater respect for the danger on the street and new respect for life.

There have only been two police related shootings in Dougherty County this year.

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