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Thomasville gangs on rise

October 9, 2003

Thomasville - New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, all places with gang violence. But not Thomasville.

"There are actually two gangs in the same high school," says Police Chief David Huckstep.  "Two separate gangs, semi-organized within the school itself."

Over the past few years, police have been trying to alert schools to a growing gang population, but 13-year old Eron Gilbert says it looks like it will take something drastic to make a difference. He says, "Like something really bad happens, then they'll take a stand and do something about it."

But if schools do continue to wait, it could be too late.

Andrea Davis is the Program Director at the Boys and Girls club. She says they try to teach teens that they can solve problems without violence.  Davis says, "You can solve a problem without hitting anybody."

Both Davis and Chief Huckstep agree that parents are key to reducing gang activity.  Any of the students that were suspended and are members of the boys and girls club, were also suspended from the club.

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