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No new twenty dollar bills in Albany on first day of release

October 9, 2003

Albany --The U.S. Government released its re-designed 20-dollar bill. But don't expect to see many in Southwest Georgia right away.

We checked with most of the major banks in Albany, and none had any of the new twenty dollar bills. The federal reserve in Atlanta will not deliver the new notes to Albany until Monday.

Albany Bank and Trust banking officer Leslie Murphy said "They were made available today, but we won't have the new 20's even for up to a couple of weeks, because they are distributed from the federal reserve."

 Albany Bank and Trust tellers said only one customer asked for one of the new 20 dollar bills.

The new notes have touches of peach, blue, and yellow colors. It's the first bill to be colonized to thrawt counterfeiters.

 The new bill also has improved color-shifting ink,micro-printed lettering, and other security features. But don't worry about your old currency , it's still perfectly legal. About a  billion new bills are going into circulation this month.

Old notes are not being recalled , but as the old notes become worn, they will be replaced by the new bills.

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