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Lowndes Middle moves off the Needs Improvement list

October 9, 2003

Valdosta - Students at Lowndes Middle have really been hitting the books. The long hours of studying paid off this week with a letter from State Superintendent of Schools Kathy Cox. This school is no longer on the state's "Needs Improvement" list.  "It's a wonderful feeling, and I'm just so proud of my students and teachers," said Principal Samuel Clemons.

Students now spend more time focusing on their areas of weakness, reading and arithmetic, and test scores are on the rise. "The students are reading more, their Accelerated Reader points are up, and they're working so hard," said Sharon Dickert, Teacher.

Not only have students at Lowndes Middle improved their grades, the teachers are also sharpening their skills. They often meet on Saturdays and for several hours after school each day to improve their teaching strategies.  "We've got a teacher support coordinator, we share our ideas with each other, and its amazing how much I've learned from listening to the ways other educators teach," said Dickert.

And although they're over the hump, Mr. Clemons says the hard work isn't over. "There's a long way to go, and we're going to keep doing the things we did to get off the list, and keep raising the bar for our students," said Clemons.

The school's motto this year is "Get on the right bus, sitting in the right seat, and going in the right direction." And judging by the enthusiasm of these students and teachers, Lowndes Middle is definitely on the right bus and the right road.

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