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City wants to put brakes on Liberty Expressway speeders

October 8, 2003

Albany - Drivers might be forced to slow down on the Liberty Expressway. The city plans to ask the Department of Transportation to considering lowering the speed limit from 65 to 55 miles per hour on the by-pass.

The mother of an Albany man killed in a car wreck on the Liberty Expressway is glad police want to crack down on speeders and reckless drivers on the by-pass. Last month, Kell McKaskill died when a suspected speeder lost control of her SUV as she exited the by-pass, went airborne, and slammed into his truck.

His mother says drivers should not only slow down, but also be courteous to other drivers. "Our son was doing what he was supposed to be doing. He was wearing his seat belt and driving the speed limit, when a speeding woman slammed into his car. Her SUV was like a rocket in the sky. My son had no chance," said Leah McKaskill.

The Albany Police Department is also applying for a $150,000 grant from the Governor's Office of Highway Safety. Police plan to use the money to start a task force to target speeders and reckless drivers on dangerous Albany roads.

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