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Costumes not as scary as before

October 8, 2003

Albany - Halloween costumes have changed over the years. It used to be all about ghosts and goblins, but lately trick or treaters are picking characters from books and movies.

Sponge Bob, Clifford, Cat in the Hat. Jerry Doyal walks around his store and says, "Of course we've got Elvis. Elivis is still alive." And so are the 50's. Doyal adds, "Everybody likes poodle skirts."

Doyal's in Albany has 4,000 costumes to choose from. Mr. Doyal looks for ideas in Hollywood. He explains, "That's always something we have to guess at, but usually it follows movies."

Pirates are traditional Halloween costumes, but this year pirate costumes are treasures. All because movies like Pirates of the Carribean. The movie Chicago and Matrix have also sparked interest in certain costumes. Doyal says, "The Incredible Hulk was good, that's going to be hard because that was animated when got to the portion when the Hulk came in."

Kids we talked to chose costumes that could be connected to movies and books. Five-year-old Caitlyn Harper says, "A dalmation because I like it so much."

Seven-year-old Kayla Kirkland says, "A witch because I like witches and I like how they fly on their brooms." Sounds similar to Harry Potter. Eight-year-old Ed Sizemore smiles and says, "A vampire because they suck people's blood."

Seven-year-old Kelsey Ewald shyly says, "Pocahantus cause I like to be a princess." Henry Coleman adds, "A warlock because I want to be scary."

Of course there are masks, wigs and accessories if you feel like being creative this Halloween.

Other popular costumes are Cinderella, Superman, Wizard of Oz and Harry Potter.

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