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Florida couple smoke pot in wrong part of Albany

October 8, 2003

Albany -- A Florida couple driving through Albany learned where the new Drug Task Force headquarters is located the hard way.

 Investigators say 41-year-old Tim Steadman and his wife Erika were smoking marijuana while driving this truck down Pine Avenue around noon. A drug agent spotted them as they drove past the drug unit headquarters.

Officers stopped the truck on Oakridge Drive near Moultrie Road. They found a small bag of marijuana in the woman's pocket but no other drugs in the truck.

Captain Andy Exum of the Drug Unit said "Yea, we're paying attention to them out here. We're trying to make it a little bit safer. It's not safe to be driving a commercial vehicle while smoking marijuana."

The Steadmans confessed they bought the pot from a dealer just before being spotted. They were delivering tropical plants and ferns from Lynn Dale Nurseries in Barberville, Florida to stores in Alabama and Georgia.

Now  they're in the Dougherty County jail, charged with possession of marijuana.

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