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Mayor supports delaying election

October 7, 2003

Albany - The Mayor of Albany says holding separate elections for the mayor and commissioners would be costly and confusing. The ACLU filed suit to delay the November election claiming voting districts are malapportioned and based on outdated census numbers.

Monday, mayoral candidate Willie Adams filed a motion to prevent the delay of the mayor's election saying district lines don't affect a citywide election. Incumbent Tommy Coleman doesn't want to go ahead with the mayoral election if other races are put on the hold. "The public would be better served if we held all the races at one time. It would allow more people to vote and would not depress the turnout. All of these races are interrelated in the since that they are all helpful to get people to come out and vote. That's what everybody wants," said Coleman.

Federal Judge Louis Sands will continue hearing evidence on this case on Thursday.

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