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10 Country: Marcia’s Sweet Music

Marcia takes her piano lesson Marcia takes her piano lesson
Piano teacher Faye Spence Piano teacher Faye Spence

October 7, 2003

Albany-- A sense of urgency has hit many people as they want to accomplish something they have put off doing for years. They want to make up for lost time.

"Hi Marcia, come on in." Marcia Taylor wants to learn something before time runs out.

It's been 28 years since she took a trumpet lesson in high school. Now, she wants to play the piano, and tried teaching herself. "It wasn't going very well, but better late than never," she says.

She found Faye Spence, who has taught piano lessons for 39 years who sounds a lot like a coach.

Marcia works in a high stress job as a customer service representative for an large Internet service company, where she looks forward to exchanging one keyboard for another. "I look forward to coming home and playing," she says, finding an almost instant way to reduce her work stress that doesn't include alcohol or drugs.

A study by the National Piano Foundation found the fastest growing group of piano students is not kids, but adults between the ages 25 and 55, people like Marcia. "They don't hardly let anything get in the way of practice time," says Faye Spence.

And Faye can tell instantly if a student practices or not. "You got it; Sounds excellent to me. Our time is almost up," she tells Marcia.

Marcia Taylor decided to get private piano lessons to help express herself. "Let it flow and out of my soul with my fingers and out into the air. "

And, satisfy an even deeper longing. "I dream of some day writing a song."

Every Monday afternoon for 30 minutes she moves closer to her goal, starting her week on a pleasant note.

Marcia Taylor wants to accomplish one more thing. She would like to become her church's substitute piano player.

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