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Downtown Boston comes to life

October 7, 2003

Boston - Boston may look like a sleepy little town, but people here have been busy making sure everyone knows they are wide awake.

"There's a lot going on in Downtown Boston," says City Council member Ann McCrickard.  "We've been fortunate to have people with vision and planning come into our town and give us some ideas and we are reacting to those ideas"

They've been fixing up old buildings and making them new.  McCrickard says, "We have new businesses coming to town. We've got new people moving into town. Just a renewed enthusiasm about a small town." 

With only 1500 people, Boston isn't exactly a booming economic environment, but store owner Sandra Highsmith says her business is doing quite well. "I've seen traffic that I couldn't believe," says Highsmith.  "Out of town traffic that I had no idea came through Boston. It's done real well, it's done real good."

Pharmacist Wayne Murphy came back to Boston for the small town community. He says, "Smaller communities in some areas are beginning to grow. People are moving out of the large cities and want to get back to small town living and I think Boston's one of the community that offers that."

Small town living and a lot more.  Boston holds community wide events each month. This month they will be holding the annual Boston mini-marathon and festival on October 25th.

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