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Second phase of Philema widening in early stages

October 6, 2003

Lee County-- An important Lee County road is on a state list to be widened.

Plans are for Philema Road to be four-laned from Graves Springs Road to Highway 32. But first, County Commissioners have to sign an agreement with the DOT to pay for about $200,000 dollars worth of the project.

It's a good deal for the County, who had to front most of the money for the first phase of widening Philema Road. Administrator Langford Holbrook says, "So it does save us some money based on the previous phase and my understanding is that it won't go forward until we make this decision."

The project is a long way off, however. The DOT doesn't plan to purchase the right-of-ways until 2007. The road could be finished near the end of the decade.

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