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It's not just watermelons in Cordele

October 6, 2003

Cordele-- While many Farmer's Markets are struggling, one popular summer stop is doing all it can to stay open. Thanks to improvements, the Cordele Farmer's Market is offering space for the year-round vendor. Now, you can get fresh foods anytime you want it, but it's been a slow start.

This is the Smith family's newest business venture, "The name of it, the Pea House, it's kind of different but our main business is peas and butter beans."

Besides fresh peas, Eric Smith, his wife Vikki, and son Luke sell many other kinds of produce. But there's not much business this morning, "Yeah real slow today." Offering foods year round at the Cordele Farmer's Market is new for the Smith's and word of the year-round Market is slowly getting out.

"We saw the sign that says Farmer's Market and we wanted some Sweet Potatoes, which I love" says Lucille Storey. The Storey's are driving home to Cartersville. They saw the sign for the Farmer's Market and just had to stop, "Well I'm impressed, it's some good South Georgia food."

And, offering good food is what the Smith's, and the other vendors, are banking on.

The Cordele Farmer's Market is open seven days a week, from eight in the morning to seven at night.

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