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Students set sail on the Viking Voyage

October 6, 2003

Valdosta - Some South Georgia students are setting sail on a writing excursion. Fifth graders at Dewar Elementary kicked off their Viking Voyage writing campaign Monday.

Students at Dewar Elementary are taking a voyage with their imaginations as the guide. "The Viking Voyage is a program that teaches us to write confidently," said Ryan Parrish, Student.

Each morning, fifth graders spend 30 minutes buried in their journals. "We start with an outline, then do a rough draft, editing, and finally the publishing stage," said Summer Sullivan, Student.

They're improving their grammar skills, expanding their imaginations, and most importantly, boosting state test scores. "For the past two years, our students have scored in the top percentage on the writing portion," said Derald Jones, Teacher. "We hope that will improve even more this year."

They're collections were loaded onto the Viking ship and set sail to Hahira Middle School. "The 6th graders there are going to proof our writings, and we'll proof their's," said Jones.

"I think we'll do great," said Parrish. "I can't guarantee it, but they should be impressed!"

At the end of the school year, each student who completes the program will have their best writings published in a book.

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