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Radium Springs Casino demolition

October 6, 2003

Dougherty Co. -- The demolition company hired to tear down the Radium Springs Casino is now on site and working. Dove Management got the contract to level the landmark near the Flint River.

Salvage work continued to empty out the Casino. Chris Hogan's workers take out florescent lights, wiring, and insulation.

Ace Refrigeration dismantles the room size cooler in the kitchen. Scott Murphy says the work saddens him. Murphy said "I hate to see it go. It's a shame to see it get torn down. When I was a kid we picnicked here. And my whole family came here on the weekends. I hate to see it go."

Most the salvage work is complete. The original front columns are down. Most of the windows and interior wood paneling has been stripped, and stored for future use.

Dove Management from Jonesboro will be paid 70-thousand dollars to level the Casino building. The building must be down by December First.

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