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Unusual fair foods a hit

October 5, 2003

Perry- The Georgia nNational Fair is in full swing, and so are the stomach turning rides, and of course what fair would be complete without tons of midway games.

But organizers say this year is about feeding your appetite.

"When we take our survey's we find out that food is one of the main reasons people come to the fair. They come for the livestock and they come for the rides, but always at the top of the list is food," exclaims fair Executive Director Mike Froehlich.

Eighty food vendors are on hand to serve up dishes too good to deny.

"We consider ourselves a gourmet peanut. We have fried peanuts, roasted peanuts, boiled, regular and Cajun," lists Michael Thomas.

Florida based Steve's Famous peanuts have been a fair staple for over 15 years. They say it's service, competitive pricing and quality products that keep them at the top of the fair food list.

"We don't want to leave here without anybody eating our peanuts," Thomas says.

Traditional fair foods are always a hot commodity, but food oddities are definitely making their mark on the midway.

"We sell our deep fried Snickers and our deep fried Milky Ways," says Charlie Bullock of Gabby's Dough Factory.

The company specializes in fried candy bars. They're frozen on a stick, dipped in funnel cake batter, fried and topped with powdered sugar.

"So many people come and ask me, deep fried candy bar how's that done. They all wonder how you do it and then I've had a couple comments oh they can deep fry anything in the south," says Bullock.

That statement may just be true. Just a few hundred feet away you'll find the pickle dog, a Georgia National Fair first.

"We take a kosher dill pickle. We core out the center with a stainless rod and then we insert a hot dog into it and put a stick in it. Then we batter it and deep fry it," explains pickle dog creator Frankie Woods.

Woods promises the fair is the only place you'll ever find a pickle dog, a dish he's sure will go down in fair food history.

"Put a little mustard on it and it's excellent, it's great," admits Froehlich.

So, if you plan on going to the fair don't forget your wallet and most importantly your appetite.

Food vendors say there are new creations in the works. Gabby's is trying to perfect a deep fried Reese's cup and Woods already serves a reverse pickle dog, that's a hot dog with a pickle in the center.

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