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School System Partnership

October 3, 2003

Thomasville - The business and education exchange held a luncheon today to encourage business leaders to work with the schools throughout the school year.

"We have needs in our schools and our community has needs from our schools," says Thomas County Superintendent Dr. Larry Green.  "The purpose is to open our door and get them interested in us so we can benefit from their involvement, and they can benefit from our involvement, which is very important for us."

The business and education exchange, also known as BEE, allows schools to ask businesses for help with certian projects, such as apprenticeships.

"I think a real light goes off in a students head when they see that education turns into sucess in life," says Chamber of Commerce President Don Sims. 

Kathy Keown is in charge of the program, and wants to make sure students and Thomas County businesses succeed.  "We want to encourage businesses to come to Thomas County," said Keown.  And for students to stay.

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