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Lotto winner plans for future

October 2, 2003

Fitzgerald - Wouldn't it be great to be a millionaire? What about a millionaire-- 89 times over? That's the case with one south Georgian.

Tirrell Moore told a friend he was going to win the lottery when he returned to Fitzgerald on leave from the army. "Before we left Korea, a friend of mine was there and he said, 'when I go on leave I'm going to hit the lottery,'" says Danielle Moore.

And he did just that. Tirrell says when he got home on Tuesday night, "She said, 'Guess what, we hit the lottery baby, she showed me, and the celebration started from there."

Tirrell first purchased a ticket from the Peach Express, but his wife Danielle said the ticket didn't have winning numbers and told him to try again, so then he went to Flash Foods.

Tirrell says, "Kicked it back, went through, then I took it back to my house and gave it to my wife."

And when the winning numbers were announced, "We were both saying the numbers over and over again, high fives and stuff."

But the Moores aren't spending their new found fortune yet, they are planning for the future, including the dream wedding they never had. Danielle says, "I don't even know where to begin I've always wanted a wedding."

And now they can afford any kind of wedding they can imagine as they begin a whole new life together. Both Tirrell and his wife Danielle have been in the military for ten years. They're currently stationed in Korea.

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