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Tourism recommended for Southwest Georgia growth

October 2, 2003

Albany -- A top trade industry expert says tourism is Southwest Georgia's best bet for economic development. He says the area must package the rural and agricultural parts of the community, to attract people wanting to get away from "The big city."

The president of the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau, Spurgeon Richardson, says Southwest Georgia is ripe to attract more of the 17 billion dollar tourism industry.

An Edison native, Richardson says the Riverfront Center will be a great selling point for Albany. Richardson said "I think it will be a fantastic step in helping you grow. Now you have a specific reason now to come to Albany. This will become more of a destination because of the riverfront. You'll have the aquarium, you'll have the museum. You'll have a special reason for people to come."

Richardson said South Georgia should approach tourism as a regional destination for visitors, stressing agricultural and nature as drawing points. Leisure travelers spend on average 100 dollars a day.

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