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Cotton farmers see plentiful crop

Danny Swilley Danny Swilley

October 2, 2003

Lowndes County - It's harvest time for South Georgia cotton farmers. Ideal weather has farmers like Danny Swilley looking forward to one of the most successful seasons in years. "I'm real pleased because it looks like we'll have a good to excellent crop," said Swilley. "That better than I can remember in at least five years."

This year's cotton crop is so plentiful because it got just the right amount of rain. Farmers want plenty of moisture during the growing season, but hardly any at harvest time. "The weather's been beautiful, you couldn't ask for any better," said Swilley.

Too much, or not enough rain at the wrong time can bring deadly diseases like bole rot. "Sometimes plants get too much rain right when they're opening up and the moisture almost causes a mildew effect," said Swilley. "That's when they develop bole rot and the bloom doesn't open right."

But Swilley saw very little bole rot this year. At the cotton gin, he expects to get about 72 cents a pound for his crop.

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