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Swamp Gravy starts 11th season

October 1, 2003

Colquitt- This isn't an ordinary dress rehearsal. It's the cast of Swamp Gravy's opportunity to shine for some of the people in their community.

"It's a little harder knowing that you know the people out there, but it's fun performing for people," said cast member Joanna Richardson.

It's also their chance to thank behind-the-scene volunteers. Joanna's dad is one of the volunteer firefighters who makes sure their theatre is safe every night. This was once a cotton warehouse. The pine wood it's built from can easily burn.

"So each night we have volunteer firemen here, in case something happens," said Kent Richardson. "We can be on the spot and help people get out."

Safety may always be on their minds, but this is their time to take a seat and enjoy the show.

Every year, Swamp Gravy tells a different story, stories of people who've lived here. This year's theme takes a look back at life when the town square was the center of the world. For the people who live here now, these are their stories or the stories of their family. That's what makes this performance so important to the cast.

"It's a way that we remember them and keep their stories alive," Richardson said.

So this dress rehearsal becomes a priority performance.

"I'm gonna do really good tonight," Joanna said.

It's for the people who help the show go on, but never stand in the spotlight.

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