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Murdered woman's kids stayed in house

Suzy Neisent Suzy Neisent
Dicky Bishop (Source: Crisp Co. Sheriff's Office) Dicky Bishop (Source: Crisp Co. Sheriff's Office)

October 1, 2003

Cordele-- We now know that Suzy Neisent's two children were in the house with their mother's body for two days. The eight and 13-year-olds didn't know their mother's body was in the house, they just thought she wasn't home.

Neisent had been strangled and her body hidden by plywood and sheets. Tonight, her live-in boyfriend is charged with killing her.

Thirty-seven-year-old Suzy Neisent's body was inside her home for more than 48 hours before a friend found her. "She died from strangulation is what it appears to be at this time and we believe from him," said Crisp Co. Sheriff Donnie Haralson.

Thirty-eight-year-old Ricky Bishop is charged with the murder, accused of strangling her then covering her body. "It was a sheet, looked like boxes, and a piece of plywood was also lying over her body," said the sheriff.

Neisent was so well concealed that her children did not notice her. "I am surprised, but you never know in situations like this, and they were able to take care of themselves, my heart only goes out to them," Haralson says.

The children's father dropped them off at Neisent's home Sunday evening. For two days they took care of themselves, even going to school on Tuesday.

But they didn't tell anyone their mother was missing. "The children have been interviewed, and we called the Department of Human Resources in, and their father is involved, they have been a part of helping this."

The children are with their father. Their mother's accused murderer is in the Crisp County Jail.

Bishop was picked up by deputies Tuesday at the Mental Detox Center in Sumter County, where he checked himself in. A bond hearing will be held for Ricky Bishop Thursday morning.

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