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Brothers injured in truck crash return home from hospital

September 30, 2003

Albany -- September 19th a truck crash on the Liberty Bypass killed a man and injured 5 others. Louis Casey was killed when his pick up truck was hit head on by a Georgia Power truck that had blown a tire. Casey's two young sons were with him in the truck.

 Tuesday they returned home from an Atlanta hospital. Family and friends were there to help.

The Casey family returned to Albany from the Atlanta hospital in a private plane furnished by friends. 3 year old Jacob came off first, into the loving arms of Aunts, Uncles, and Great Grandparents. Then 2 year old Austin.

 Their mother Cindy said South Georgia has helped them through their tragedy. Cindy said "I'm just very glad to be home. Where we have the support that people have shown us while we've been away. Ready to see everybody, and be home."

 September 19th Louis Casey was driving on the Liberty Bypass with Jacob and Austin, when his truck was struck head on by a truck that crossed the median. A welding supply salesman, Louis was killed. Jacob and Austin were seriously injured. Both were airlifted to Egleston Children's Hospital in Atlanta for surgery. Both with matching right leg casts, returned home for the first time in 10 days.

 An aunt, Dianne Johnson, said "They look beautiful to us. They've got a lot of healing ahead of them, but their going to be fine because they have a lot of love, lot of family with them."

 Cindy Casey wears her late husband's wedding ring around her neck. Cindy said "I have it so the boys can have something from their Dad to remember him by. Cause they are so young, but I think it's very important to have his pictures at the hospital so they can remember who he was, and what he did. So that's why I have it."

Jacob and Austin should heal quickly from their injuries. Their family will make sure they have plenty of love to fill in the void their father's absence leaves.

 48 year old Amos Sanders, who was also seriously injured in that same crash, also went home from Phoebe Putney hospital Tuesday.

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